6 Reasons to Play Poker in a Casino and Not Online

Reasons to Play Poker in a Casino and Not Online

Reasons to Play Poker in a Casino and Not Online

Online poker disadvantages the players in many ways

Online poker has become a lot harder to make money from in the past 5 years. This is because of new poker software, information and trained players. This been said I believe Poker will always remain profitable to some degree mainly because of big egos and the tilt factor that drives people to not play their A-game. There are still tons of people making tons of errors and spewing equity all over the place.

If you want to be profitable you have to treat the game with long term results in mind and also be willing to put in the time to get better. Many players enter the online poker game thinking that they can win it, after all no one likes to give their hard earned money away. This is the number one reason most online poker players end up losing money.

Here are 6 Reasons why you should Play Poker in a Casino and Not Online.

  1. Transaction fees of up to 10%, but no fees in live casinos
  2.  Bad beats are more common online. Bad beats such as 1% outs happen very rarely in live poker, but on online poker it is daily occurrence.
  3. You cannot know if you are playing with a bot. The poker room may eventually find and confiscate from the bot but that will not pay you out.
  4.  High rake online which is higher to live games
  5.  It’s easier to get carried away online. It’s all virtual whereas when you play poker in a casino you will be using chips.
  6.  People sitting with HM2 and poker tracker and if you don’t have them, you are at a disadvantage because your opponents can literally see your ranges perfectly, to be able to guess the two cards.

If you are looking to improve your online poker then we highly recommend that you play with play money (virtual money) before diving in to the deep end. If you can’t win money with play money then chances are that this would be the same if you were playing with real money… Check out these poker sites to start playing poker for free