The Best 5 Poker Hands of 2016


The Best 5 Poker Hands of 2016

Putting together the list of The Best 5 Poker Hands of 2016 was one of the hardest things we’ve had to put together, we think we’re finally there. It’s been a huge year and as always the highlight main event World Series of Poker did not fail to impress, both online and live. We appreciate we probably haven’t seen EVERY best hand of 2016 but we did look at vast amounts of videos online and have narrowed it down to these 5 videos. If you think you’ve got better drop a link to the video in the comments below!

5.Huge Cooler KK v AK v AQ Poker – 2016 Aussie Millions | PokerStars

Check out this huge cooler poker hand from the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event Poker. Shoving when you’re short-stacked with AQ is normally a moment of relief… until you get called by both AK and KK! Commentary by Jason Somerville.

4. Royal Flush at the 2016 PCA – Huge Three-Way Pot | PokerStars

A runner-runner Royal Flush was hit to win a monster three-way pot on Day 4 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.

3. PCA 2016 Super High Roller – $1.6M for 1st – Brynn Kenny vs. Joe McKeehen – Huge Pot | PokerStars

Check out this huge hand from the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller Final Table. Where Brynn Kenny and Joe McKeehen battled it out heads up… Amazing Call

2. Sick last hand of the WSOP 2016 $50,000 Championship!

This bad beat took place at the final table of the World Series of Poker 2016 $50,000 Poker Player Championship Event.That’s a brutal – or a sweet – way to lose – or win – a bracelet…Watch this sick last hand of the WSOP 2016 $50,000 Poker Player Championship Event!

1. Kassouf Vs Benger: The most INTENSE ALL-IN poker hand of the WSOP 2016 Main Event

Will Kassouf and Griffin Benger go all-in on Day 7 of the WSOP 2016 Main Event with two huge hands. This poker hand is 100% the most intense hand of Poker 2016 | World Series of Poker 2016 Main Event. This hand was yet another characteristic moment of the “William Kassouf Saga” that all the poker world witnessed in the WSOP 2016 Main Event… Fantastic Entertainment. Kassouf winds Benger up until Kassouf rages and say’s Kassouf is verbally abusing him, while he thinks it’s perfectly normal.

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